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tv   8 News Now Good Day  CBS  October 17, 2016 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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now on good day... the winds are whipping this morning... with watches and warnings issued across southern nevada. i'll take a look when they'll start to die down.. in your weather now forecast. ((kirsten joyce)) >> plus -- make way for the new nfl stadium! the bill the governor will sign today to make it official. ((brian loftus)) >> and, a deadly shooting on the i-15.. leaves one person dead. what police told the victim's step-daughter.. after her step-mother was killed in a random act of violence. >> 8 news now good day, the valley's news leader, starts right now./// ((now, live...this is 8 news now good day.)) ((brian loftus)) thanks for waking up with us, i'm brian loftus. ((kirsten joyce)) >> i'm kirsten joyce. ((sherry swensk)) >> and i'm sherry swensk. > ((sherry swensk))
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high wind warning criteria. .............. let's check some of those gusts as a cold front is swinging through and that will usher in some cooler temps for a couple of days.
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week. gusts have exceeded 50 mph in the south end of the valley and out at red rock just in the last half hour. ............. we should see some mostly sunny skies... but rain is moving throuh california. .......... temps will be cooler today. ((brian loftus)) metro police are
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where one person was killed. it happened last night on bruce, near owens.. by rancho high school. police say a pedestrian was outside of a marked crosswalk.. when a vehicle hit the man and drove off. this is the 87th traffic death in metro's jurisdiction this year. the crash remains under investigation. /// brian loftus >> today... a landmark day for las vegas. kirsten joyce >> later on this morning... governor sandoval is expected to sign the stadium bill... putting 7-hundred and 50-million dols new n-f-l facility. 8 news now reporter michael stevens is live on u-n-l-v's campus... with the deal that's ready to be inked. good morning, michael? ((michael stevens)) >> brian, kirsten... the governor is expected to sign the bill around 11-o'clock this morning... right here at u-n-l-v. and some are calling this one of the biggest plays ever made in nevada history. for anyone that's been following the stadium saga...
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major milestone. the senate and assembly passed the stadium bill during a special session last week. assembly- members heard both sides of the argument before casting their vote. ultimately it came down to 28 yes votes to 13 no's... barely getting the two-thirds vote required. a lot of issues held up the vote including a controversial n-dot roads report that suggested possibly giving preference to construction projects near the stadium over other work around the valley. say it will help generate thousands of jobs... and give u-n-l-v a new home to play football: ((len jessup // unlv president: this is huge, this is probably one of most difficult fundamental building blocks that we need to have put in place for a top-tier plan so i'm estatic.)) ((michael stevens)) >> the rebels will play in the state of the art nearly two
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country can claim that. tax-payers will pay for nearly 40-percent of the stadium... but won't see any of the profits. some lawmakers feel the final decision to approve the stadium bill was rushed and will have ramifications at the polls next month when voters decide whether or not to re-elect many assembly- members back into office. again... the governor is expected to sign the bill later on this morning... putting las vegas one step closer to an n-f-l city. brian, kirsten? let's send it over to traffic./// ((demetria obilor)) no major crashes in the valley
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the ramp to mccarran from eastbound 215 is back open. the ramp opened ahead of scheduled due to the wind, so it's essentially been postponed to this friday. ((demetria obilor)) >> back to you.///
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deadly shooting on the i-15... will be in court this week. 29- year- old kenneth mcdonald is facing multiple charges. investigators say he shot at multiple vehicles heading south on the freeway.. killing 48- year- old tracey donahue. mcdonald was later found at a c-v-s.. after he tried to sexually assault a woman... and was arrested after a 40- minute stand off with police. the victim's step- daughter tells 8 news now.. her dad and stepmother were vi police told her that her parents may have been targeted because of the car. the victim's husband was not hit in the shooting.. but did everything to help her: ((amber garcia/victim's stepdaughter: "he did everything that he could to save her. he ended up crashing his car trying to call 911. he said nobody on this packed freeway stopped to help him." )) ((kirsten joyce)) >> the donahue family has set up a go- fund- me account. we have a link posted on our website if you'd like to help.
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this week.. due to multiple crime scenes and the number of people involved. /// ((brian loftus)) we're also learning the names of the officers.. involved in a deadly officer- involved shooting... on the 215, near hualapai... where police were chasing after 50- year- old rex wilson, who was shot and killed. police say he was involved in a string in robberies in the henderson and downtown area. the four officers in the shooting were officer john squeo, christopher gowens, travis swartz, and erik lindberg... they are all on paid administrative leave pending the investigati. ((brian loftus)) another replacement is filling in for "today" co-host billy bush... the talks he's currently in with nbc.. after making lewd comments about women. ((kirsten joyce)) >> and, delays through the convention corridor are driving people crazy. demetria called up the county and gets some answers... coming up as the valley's news leader continues. /// ((you're watching the valley's news leader...
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((kirsten joyce)) we want you to be part of 8 news now good day.. just head to our 8 news now facebook page.. click the contest tab.. and upload a picture of your fall decorations. 8 lucky viewers will be chosen each week to win an 8 news now mug! the winners will be announced every friday during the 6am newscast./// ((kirsten joyce))
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when it came to jumping off a 900- foot bridge.. for "annual bridge day". ((brian loftus)) >> each october, thrill seekers and spectators come out to see the jumpers.. who have the guts to get the best views.. from the edge of the bridge. some who jumped off were going not once... but two or three times for the thrill. one base jumper says.. if you block out the nerves, the jumping will be simple. /// sherry how's the
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week... gusts to 60 mph so far... and wind advisory in place until 11 a.m. start to the work week... gusts to 60 mph so far...
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................ a rollercoaster of temps this week as a couple of systems pass by us to the north and keep the wind generator going and cooler air filtering our way. .. down near 80 degrees today and calmer winds by the afternoon.... then northerly breezes tomorrow and cooler air makes its way to the desert by midweek and highs only in the 70s by wednesday. ......... mornings in the chilly 50s. ................. rain and snow up north and gusty
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then a big warm-up back to ((sherry swensk)) back to you.///
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have been battling two fires near reno... one of those being the little valley fire.. which is now 55- percent contained. it has burned more than three- thousand acres... with over 500 firefighters working arou officials say they're doing everything they can to make sure it doesn't spread: (( charles moore, fire chief: "if you had a light camp fire and you have a spritzer bottle you can probably knock down the flames but you're not going to remove the heat. "so our goal is to get this fire when the incident emergency team is done and there is zero percent chance that the fire will rekindle." )) ((brian loftus)) >> governor brian sandoval declared a state of emergency... allowing state agencies to help with firefighting efforts and other services. so far, 23 homes and 17 outbuildings have been burned. ///
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later today... if "today" co-host billy bush will be let go from nbc. that's according to a source familiar with his negotiations with the network. bush has been off- air since he was caught on tape.. in a lewd conversation with donald trump, making comments about women.. the comments happened more than a decade ago.. bush's attorney has denied reports.. that the co-host has reached a 10- million dollar settlement with nbc. bush started hosting the 9-am hour of nbc's "today" show several months ago. /// let's get a check of the roads with demetria. /// demetria for a check of traffic./// ((demetria obilor)) no crashes impacting your drive right now. there's construction happening in north las vegas along cheyenne
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sinking piece of roadway. they'll be in the area through november. most of the work happens overnight. down in henderson, paseo verde parkway is under construction. between st. rose pkwy. and green valley pkwy. ((demetria obilor)) back to you./// ((kirsten joyce)) americans have made significant strides cutting soda out of our diet... and coming up... what pepsi is planning to cut from some of its drinks. ((brian loftus)) >> plus -- one giant retailer plans to stay open for thanksgiving... and open earlier than last year... coming up after the break, on 8 news now good day. ///
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i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. narrator: 2013: joe heck votes to shut down the government, risking vital services for thousands of nevada seniors and veterans. but as federal employees like air traffic controllers worked 16 days without pay, joe heck continues to cash his paycheck... even as 244 members of congress refused their pay. joe heck says he deserves it.
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jacky rosen: i'm jacky rosen and i approved this message. man: the tea party republicans in congress want to cut social security. woman: and danny tarkanian wants man: he is proud to call himself a "tea party radical." man: he wants to privatize social security... woman: ...just like them. woman: risking social security benefits on wall street. man: danny tarkanian would raise the retirement age... woman: just like the tea party republicans in congress. man: they would take away what we've paid for out of every paycheck.
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tesla is holding back on it's "big" announcement... ((kirsten joyce)) >> and, macy's plans to stay open for thanksgiving... jill wagner joins us live from wall street. good morning jill. good morning brian and kirsten! investors are waiting for more on friday-- most of the big banks posted profits that were better than expected. the dow rose 39 points. the nasdaq was up a fraction. pepsi is reducing sugar from its drinks. the soda maker says that by 2025 its goal is to have at least two thirds of its drinks have 100 calaries or fewer from added sugar. pepsi will add more zero and low calorie drinks-- and also reformulate existing drinks.// tesla ceo elon musk is delaying his big product announcement...
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today... now he says it needs more time for "refinement." some analysts expect a tesla s-u-v.// ((kirsten joyce)) >> q-- and jill -- macy's is bucking a big holiday trend... what's the latest? a: macy's will remain open on thanksgiving. in fact.. its stores are expected to open at 5-p-m thanksgiving day, an hour earlier than last year. this year several major retailers and shopping malls said they would close their doors for the holiday so t celebrate with their families. /// demetria obilor dale wants to know, "the
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convention center dr. at paradise rd. is a right-turn and through lane. drivers who want to turn right traffic heading to the las vegas convention center once the light turns red. can't they change this to a right-turn only?" right now, crews have been working to improve convention center between lv blvd. and paradise. while you can expect a good handful of pedestrian improvements once the project wraps ups, unfortunately, the lane markings will stay the same. the far right lane will remain a right-turn and through lane,
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convention center or turn south onto paradise. once the project is over, the county says they could study the intersection to see if a modification is warranted. anyone can request a traffic study. you just have to ask. this project is scheduled to finish up some time this month. what's driving you crazy? remember, you can write me at. traffic 8 at las vegas now dot com. ((sherry swensk))
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overnight... with winds that could be damaging. i'll let you know when those gusty winds will finally back down. ((brian loftus)) >> plus -- we're a signature away from making the nfl stadium
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bill has gone through.. to get to the governor's desk. ((kirsten joyce)) >> and, open enrollment is just around the corner. what you should pay attention to when picking the right health insurance plan. ((brian loftus)) >> 8 news now good day, the valley's news leader, starts right now./// ((now, live...this is 8 news now good day.)) ((kirsten joyce)) thanks for joining us, i'm kirsten joyce. ((brian loftus)) >> i'm brian loftus. ((sherry swensk)) >> and i'm sherry swensk. > ((sherry swensk))
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high wind warning criteria. .............. let's check some of those gusts as............ a system is passing through the great basin and that will usher in some slightly cooler temps to start the week. .......... gusts have exceeded 50 mph and even 60 mph out at red rock in the last hour or so. ............. we should see some mostly sunny skies...
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through northern nevada and california. .......... temps will be cooler today. ((kirsten joyce)) > today... las vegas will be one-step closer to becoming an n-f-l city. ((brian loftus)) >> later on this morning... governor sandoval is expected to sign the stadium bill... putting 7-hundred and 50-million bucks of public money to a state-of-the-art facility. 8 news now reporter michael stevens is live on u-n-l-v's campus... with more on the deal.
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>> brian, kirsten... the governor... along with a number of local leaders are expected here on campus around 11-o'clock this morning... to watch this monumental bill signing take place. once the stadium bill is signed into law... it clears the way for a new both u-n-l-v football and the raiders. you'll remember... lawmakers met in a special session last week narrowly approving the bill that increases the hotel tax to raise the 7-hundred and 50-mil for the new n-f-l facility: ((tommy white // labors union business manager: i was sweating i was going this is coming down to the end it's like all the way down to the 1 yard line somebody's gonna throw us out someway to get a fumble or what?))
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big win for the las vegas convention and visitors authority. it's giving them more than 400-million dollars to get going on construction to create about 600-thousand square feet of new exhibit space where the riviera once stood. it's also expected to create more than 20-thousand construction and permanent jobs combined. again, today's bill signing is expected to take place around 11-o'clock this morning... it on our news at noon. brian, kirsten? ((brian loftus)) >> michael, remind the viewers... where this new stadium could be located? ((michael stevens)) >> right now, there's two potential locations... one is at the bali hai golf course at the south end of the strip. the second is just down the street near russell road.
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the roads with demetria. /// ((demetria obilor)) no major crashes slowing you down right now in the valley. things are starting to get busier in the spaghetti bowl right now along southbound i-15 at us 95. here's a live look at i-15 at flamingo with our rio camera. ((demetria obilor)) >> back to you.///
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teen driver safety week... where young drivers are reminded about the importance of safe driving. 10- percent of 15- to- 19-year-olds involved in a deadly crash.. were reported to be distracted at the time of the crash. according to the national highway traffic safety... last year, there were more than 31- hundred teen driving deaths... and 431-thousand injuries /// ((brian loftus)) police have arrested the mother of a four- year-old... who is now recovering after being shot in a home, near craig and lamb. investigators say 30-year-old shaletres townsend left her firearm on a chair in a bedroom.. where children were playing. that's when the gun went off, and a four-year-old was shot in the chin or neck area. police say this was preventable: (( lt. grant rogers/metro police: "this is very preventable thing that occurred, it's a tragedy but as long as you have a safe or a gunlocker
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for gun owners out there." )) ((brian loftus)) >> townsend now faces a charge of child neglect with substantial bodily harm. /// ((kirsten joyce)) there are many options when it comes to picking your health insurance... ((brian loftus)) >> coming up after the break... we'll break down what you should look out for... when it comes to open enrollment. /// ((you're watching the valley's news leader...
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((brian loftus)) an indiana police officer ((brian loftus)) an indiana police officer takes his traffic- directing duties very seriously, but in a fun way. this is officer paul stabavy... and he uses lightsabers to guide traffic. he also performs light shows while pedestrians are waiting to cross. he says it's a fun thing for him to do.. enjoy it. /// ((demetria obilor)) trending now.. the beloved book "winnie the pooh" turns 90 this year... and with it, comes a new friend. "penguin" was introduced in the child series. the book's publisher is releasing four new stories with the new character. the author says "penguin" was inspired by an old photograph of pooh's original creator...
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the new book is a sequel titled, "the best bear in all the world"... and will be released at the end of this month. /// sherry how's the weather today? a windy monday morning...
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morning commute. ........................ sun won't be up for another hour or more................. ....................... it was a hunter's supermoon this weekend and beautiful. big and bright - we rolled on a timelapse and you could see it rising bright ................ it was closest to the earth in its orbit last night... so full and
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.................. we should have plenty of sunshine today but gusty winds through the morning and then not as much wind through the afternoon. .............. wind advisory until 11 a.m. ... rain and snow up north and temps near 80 for us in las vegas today.
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((kirsten joyce)) it's that time of year for many employees -- open enrollment. but picking out health insurance can sometimes be tricky. mary moloney has some tips on what you should look for.. during open enrollment. there are many things to consider when picking out health insurance. first check your finances. look at what you spent on medical insurance coverage previously and how much you paid out of pocket. then compare that wi doctor visits. if you typically don't go to the doctor too often consider a higher deductible plan. your monthly insurance premiums will cost less. but your co-pays and hospital visits could be more. if you have a lot of doctor visits or a pre-existing condition a lower deductible plan may be better for you. know your out-of-pocket maximum. look at co-pays for visits or co-insurance to see how much extra you'll spend to see your doctor. make sure your doctors are considered
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someone off your plan or out of network will cost more. if you have the option contribute to a health savings account or h-s-a. money put into the account is tax- deductible. in some cases employers can also contribute to your fund. and check your plan. even if you are automatically enrolled for 2017 -- review your options because plans can change. simple tips that won't make you sick over health insurance coverage. for consumer watch i'm mary moloney. ((kirsten joe now good day.. with "monday mornings with the mayors." each week we'll hear mornings with the mayors." each week we'll hear from one of our southern nevada mayors. today, we'll have henderson mayor andy hafen... you can submit your questions on las vegas now dot com... and then tune in on monday during the 6am newscast.. to see if your question was answered.// let's take a look on the roads with demetria. /// let's send it over to
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((demetria obilor)) no major crashes slowing you down right now in the valley. things are starting to get busier in the spaghetti bowl right now along southbound i-15 at us 95. here's a live look at i-15 at flamingo with our rio camera. ((demetria obilor)) ((kirsten joyce))
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((brian loftus)) >> so much they're not coming into work! how many people called off in one workplace... just to watch game two between the cubs and dodgers. /// you're watching 8 news now good day.
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and early.. because we're one week away from the second cracker barrel opening in the valley!
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vegas, near craig and losee. this is file video of the one that opened near the silverton over the summer. the north las vegas location will open at 6-am, october 24th. /// ((brian loftus)) and chicago is dealing with "cub fever"! nearly 400- correctional officers at the county jail called in sick last night... while the cubs were playing against the l-a dodgers in game two of the nlcs at wrigley field. the dodgers took home the win in game two... one-to-zero. game three will be tomorrow night. /// right now.. we want to get a check on your forecast. ((brian loftus)) forecast. ((brian loftus)) >> sherry swensk is here with that. ((sherry swensk))
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neighborhoods this morning. ............. already winds have been clocked at over 50 mph through the night. ............. and these big winds will continue through the commute and mid morning hours... then calming down for your afternoon. .... highs today will be a little
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degrees. ............... the lake will be very choppy and even dangerous for boaters and swimmers today. ............ mt. charleston will be tricky for early hikers... then calmer in the afternoon. ........ breezy north winds tomorrow.... and cooler by wednesday wi but a very warm weekend coming with near 90 degrees temps by saturday. ((sherry swensk)) ((kirsten joyce)) we're days away from the final presidential debate here in las vegas... and just three weeks from election day. ((brian loftus)) >> but donald trump's campaign has been a tailspin.. esince nine women came rward.. cusing him osexual assa over the weekend, trump blamed an attack on a gop office in north carolina... on hillary clinton, with no evidence to support it. he also spent the weekend casting doubt on the u-s election system... that it's completely rigged. in the latest cbs news battleground tracker poll... clinton leads him by six points
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((kirsten joyce)) and unlv is getting the final details in.. before wednesday's final presidential debate. nevada has never hosted a general election debate of any kind. there will be more than one- thousand student volunteers... five- thousand journalists... and hundreds of community leaders. more than 30- million dollars was put into this debate... but unlv says every penny was worth it. the university will reportedly also receive 85- million dollars market value's worth of publicity. /// ((kirsten joyce)) election headquarters.. on air and online at las vegas now dot com. /// let's take a look on the roads with demetria. /// ((demetria obilor)) there are no major crashes slowing you down right now. here's what your route to mccarran looks like along 215... no delays there. the spaghetti bowl is looking slow along southbound
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>> back to you./// ((brian loftus)) just because it looks like a doesn't mean you're money is protected like a credit card... ((kirsten joyce)) >> 8 on your side's michelle mortensen looks into the potential hazards of prepaid cards. ((brian loftus)) plus... the new hospital in henderson is expected to open any time now .. we're joined by the city's mayor .. to get an update during monday mornings with the mayors. those stories and more.. coming up on 8 news now good day, the valley's news leader.///
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it's been a windy weekend and monday is off to a rough start! sherry is tracking the gusts to see when things will calm down across the valley. ((kirsten joyce)) >> plus... it's a big day for professional sports in las vegas... we're live with the latest on the nfl stadium bill... ahead of the governor's signing ((brian loftus)) >> and... more students donning their caps and gowns .. the presidents announcement of the record rise in graduation rates. ((kirsten joyce)) 8 neno valley's news leader, starts right now./// ((now, live...this is 8 news now good day.)) ((brian loftus)) thanks for waking up with us on 8 news now good day, the valley's news leader. i'm brian loftus. ((kirsten joyce)) >> i'm kirsten joyce. ((sherry swensk)) >> and i'm sherry swensk... = the wind howling all night ... it is pretty blustery out there!


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